Hard Boiled

The year is 1935. The setting is New Orleans, the largest city in the CSA, and the place you call home; for better or worse. With any luck, it won’t be same place they fit ya for a Chicago overcoat. Then again, you always had a nasty habit of sticking your nose where it don’t belong, Dick.

You’re a shamus. A flatfoot. A gumshoe. Any of this sinking in? You’re a private detective who learned early on that there’s no shortage of secrets in New Orleans. It’s filled with dark corners, seedy alleyways, and some real scary shit. I’m not talkin’ tall, dark, and packing heat kind of scary. That’s tame compared to the kind of monsters this place can throw at you. Yeah, you heard right, monsters. Corpses getting up after you plug em; Vampires; snake ladies; even man-eating clowns, if you can believe it: this city is home to more than just creole bastards. And you know what the real scary thing is? They can be right in front of you, mixing with regular folk, and you wouldn’t even know it.

But that’s why people hire you, right? You have a gift for the unusual. When something stinks. When something needs doing, that the coppers can’t do, that’s when they turn to you, the…uh, Odd Squad.

When things go bump in the night, sometimes you just gotta bump them right back. ~ Ranger Dauterive

Hard Boiled

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