Hard Boiled

Saving Emma Ross

From Beauregard's Perspective

“That Grant seemed like a wreck without his sister. Fortunately for him, all it took was a bit of digging in Gretz’s apartment to discover her whereabouts. In fact, two men literally handed us the answer. Unfortunately, she is being held for ransom, and with no Gretz in sight to pay off his debt. A bit more digging though, and we found a few clues as to how to find him.

The smock led us to the Blessed Rest Retirement Home in the Garden District, a location which, I think, any upstanding citizen familiar with the area would be aware of. In any case, a bit more asking around garnered us an interview with a Dr. Kettensäge, a senile old man, and I mean that respectfully, of course. His ramblings did…make me, particularly uneasy, and as far as…Conversing with him, well, I found it prudent to leave that to Amos, given the circumstances of Kettensäge’s seeming distrust of me. However, we didn’t really get any more direct leads on Gretz’s location, but instead, we chose to pursue one regarding a Baron LaCroix.

We took our questions to the Tombstone Epithet, a place I otherwise wouldn’t be caught dea–a place I otherwise would not frequent. We came in contact with a rather passionate French tabloid journalist, Armand Duval, and spoke with him regarding this Baron LaCroix. What we found, this matter of a resurrection fluid, well, it wasn’t much help in finding Gretz, what with no real leads to actually find the stuff…On the way out of the building, I spotted a man in a car watching us. Cowboy hats aren’t exactly vogue in New Orleans.

Retrieved Emma with…little incident. I have to hand it to Nancy and Watson for getting her out of that warehouse safely, even with all that could have gone wrong. Amos would be in the same boat, if he hadn’t dropped my name in front of the bookie. For God’s sake, of all the names to mention, and of all people to mention it to… Maybe I should buy a bulletproof vest after all.

Talked to Frank about the situation. He’s taking Angel into custody, and there shouldn’t be any more legal complications on our end. But, we have gotten ourselves on the wrong side of the Black Hand, especially since they still don’t have the money from Gretz…Might just take a while for it to bite us. Damn Gretz. We’ll have to watch our backs now, well, more so. We’ve hit a dead end with Gretz’s trail, too, but I don’t think that’s so bad. This whole matter with this…resurrection stuff…It doesn’t settle with me, as odd as that sounds. With Emma back home, we’ve done our part, so the case is done. Trying to pursue this lead might just lead to more trouble. I’m sure that guy in the car watching us at the Epithet wasn’t just a coincidence either."



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